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I’ve noticed that Australian Church Choirs are under rated and under exposed in the Australian and international media, possibly due to the tendency of Australian Church communities to be comfortably inward-looking rather than mission-oriented. As a result, the world is getting the impression that Australian society is more secularised and less Christian than it actually is. To help remedy this, here are some links to Australian Church choirs, databases of Australian Church Choirs, and organisations that maintain, promote, publish, and market the music of Australian Church Choirs.


Karina Gough’s list of Melbourne Choirs is a good starting point. You can find it by cutting and pasting this URL into your browser.


As is usual in Australia, this internet choir list favours secular choirs and only includes a handful of Melbourne’s many Church choirs. It seems that Australian Church choirs simply don’t bother to register on non-denominational Choir lists, or join general choral associations. By confining Church choir publicity and networking to denominational websites, Australian Church musicians are doing themselves out of many opportunities.

As organist Mark Quarmby helpfully points out, the Royal School of Church Music in Australia maintains a larger (but far from comprehensive) membership list of Australian Church choirs, see link below:


The Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) lists only 4 parish Church choirs in its membership, and 10 Church school and ethnic Church community choirs. I counted a total of 47 members choirs of this organisation listed on their website.


Some Australian choir websites omit Church choirs altogether, e.g.


http://www.caoa.org.au/index.php/choirlinks (Choral Association Australia Inc., 54 choirs registered, but no Church choirs)

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  1. Mark Quarmby said:

    Many of them would be members of the RSCM and listed there.

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